Your Words

Your words scrape my self confidence down right to the brim. Your voice overpowers mine, because when you are angry I don’t get a say. I don’t get an opinion or the right to stand up for myself. Your words lack validation, your words leave me in a pit of emptiness, of loneliness. They jab […]

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I Suppose It Was You

The other night, as I rested my heavy head on a bathroom floor, attempting to decipher the vodka sentences flowing from my mouth, you asked me why I chose you. Why that night? Why, when my mind was drowning in a pool of sugar-free coolers and spiked orange juice, did I choose you? You asked […]

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An Open Letter To My Anxiety

June 7th, 2019 Dear Anxiety, Aren’t you tired?  Aren’t you absolutely fucking exhausted? You’ve put so much effort into making my mind a scary place, do you ever take some time for yourself? I often wonder if the basement of your mind contains a board with prints of me plastered all over, sticky notes with […]

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I’m Taking Back my Effort

You took my heart, and created splinters out of flowers so no hands could ever hold my heart without being stabbed. You took the salts from my body with every tear I shed, took happiness and made it live for only you, and then you ripped my self confidence right from my palms. But I’m […]

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